Who We Are

Penny Doherty Literacy Consultants Inc.

One Third of people throughout the world have a learning difference (a.k.a. Learning Disability). Penny Doherty’s proven products and services address the root problems of literacy and kick start the learning process.

Penny Doherty is a teacher by profession who has devoted her life to improving the education and academic opportunities for people who have learning differences (disabilities). From 1995 to 2004, Penny Doherty founded and operated a day school and research center where she successfully educated more than 300 students who were failing in their academic and personal lives using her innovative teaching methods.

Based on these results, Penny Doherty now has a full range of services for people of all ages available for purchase under the brand name ONE THIRD. These services are recommended for individuals, teachers, schools and school boards, businesses or organizations who wish to explore the following:

  • understanding the way people with learning differences (disabilities) think and why;
  • the role of medication versus addiction; exercising and using the frontal lobe of the brain;
  • development and use of the right and left side of the brain; memory issues;
  • English as a Second Language;
  • kick start the delivery of literacy based education.

One Third Literacy CornerstonesOne Third Literacy Foundations

“You will probably never know while on this earth all the lives that were greatly changed and improved because of you. You are a brave, stubborn and fearless lady. I am forever grateful for all that you have done to help my boys receive a good education.”
– J.S. June 2014

“We shall constitute ONE THIRD and more of the ignorance and crime or ONE THIRD of its intelligence and progress.  We shall contribute ONE THIRD to the business and industrial prosperity or we shall be a group marked by death, stagnation, depression, halting every effort to advance.”
– Booker T. Washington